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Storage Tank Removal Permit Application

  1. This is a:*
  2. This application is for the removal of:*
  3. Request abandon in-place closure?*
  4. ** Note: Application must be submitted at least 10 days in advance to allow time for the application to be processed.
  5. Do you have fuel dispensing?*
  6. If Yes, are dispensers being removed?
  7. Tank Information:
  8. 1
  9. Tank(s) currently in use?*
  10. Is there any product remaining in tank(s)?*
  11. 2
  12. Tank(s) currently in use?
  13. Is there any product remaining in tank(s)?
  14. 3
  15. Tank(s) currently in use?
  16. Is there any product remaining in the tank(s)?
  17. Have there been any known leaks with tank(s)?*
  18. Class A or B Contractor Only
  19. Is contractor certified in hazardous materials mitigation, removal, and/or transportation?*
  20. Enter "N/A" if tank is an abandoned in-place closure.
  21. **Note: Upon completion, documentation will also need to be provided that the tank was actually taken to this facility.
  22. Acknowledgement*
    I hereby accept full responsibility for the adherence to all requirements of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and the City of Waynesboro pertaining to the above application.
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