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Tents and Air Supported Membranes Permit Application

  1. *** NOTE:
    ** If you need a permit for an inflatable bounce house, contact the Waynesboro Building Official's Office at (540) 942-6628
  2. ** If the tent is going to be used for assembly purposes only and is over 900 square feet, complete this permit application and submit.
  3. ** If this tent or canopy is going to be utilized for food preparation, serving, or warming, do not complete this application. You must complete and submit a Mobile Food Vendor permit application. Please see link below.
  4. All plans shall be done to scale. If multiple tents or membrane structures are used, all tents must be shown including fire break distance of twelve (12) feet on all sides.
  5. Note
    Must review and follow Tent/Air Inflated membrane Structure Information.
  6. Acknowledgement*
    All information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and agree to comply fully with all requirements govern by the City of Waynesboro Fire Department. Failure to provide complete and accurate information shall be just cause for revocation. Applicant is responsible for scheduling required inspection(s) prior to the issuance of permit.
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