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Meeting Room Application

  1. Organization/group type*

  2. *Please include the time needed to set up and break down.

  3. Must be 18 years of age or older.

  4. Street, City, Zip

  5. Please use 999-999-9999 format.

  6. Will Refreshments be served? *

    Groups must have special approval to serve refreshments. You are responsible for clean-up.

  7. Room(s) requested*

  8. Equipment available upon request

  9. Fees

    Businesses/for-profits: $30 fee per use of Room A or B. $10 per use of the Conference Room. The fee includes use of A/V equipment.

  10. Non-profits: $5 to use A/V equipment.

  11. *Fees must be paid before the room is unlocked for your group.

  12. Upload proof of public performance license, if applicable.

  13. Agreement*

    I, as the responsible person on behalf of the above organization, has read and agrees to comply with the policy and procedures governing public use of library meeting rooms. I understand that any damage to or loss of library property caused during or by the activity for which I am responsible for will be compensated for fully and promptly. I have read and agree to the above terms.

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