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Report a Drug Dealer

  1. Suspect Information:

    The information you provide will help the Skyline Drug Task Force address the problem of drug trafficking in your neighborhood. Please complete as much of the information as possible. All information will be held in STRICT CONFIDENCE and completely ANONYMOUS. Thank you.

  2. Hair Color?

  3. Automobile Information:

  4. Drug Trafficking Information:

  5. Location where drugs are being sold. (Check all that apply)

  6. What types of drugs are being sold or made at this location? (Check all that apply)

  7. What days have you seen drugs being made or sold? (Check all that apply)

  8. What time have you seen drugs being made or sold? (Check all that apply)

  9. Help us know what we're up against so we can take the necessary precautions.

  10. Have you seen guns at this location?

  11. Have you seen any lookouts?

  12. Are there gang members at this location?

  13. Are there any children at this location?

  14. Are there any dogs at this location?

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