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Citizen Request for Refuse Collection: Special Services

  1. Refuse Collection: Special Services
    Special Services are available to qualifying households within the City of Waynesboro. If you (and your spouse) are elderly or disabled and reside in a household in which there is no one physically able to roll the refuse container to the designated pick up location, you may qualify for our special services. The services are provided on a 12-month basis and must be renewed annually.
  2. What Special Services are Provided?
    If an individual/household meets the criteria to receive special services for refuse collection, city crews will roll the refuse container to the pick up location for disposal and return the container to the resident’s home.
  3. How Do I Qualify for Special Services?
    To qualify for these services an individual/household must meet the following criteria: Reside full time in a house/apartment in which there are no other residents physically able to roll the refuse container to the designated pick up location. Provide a note, if requested, from a physician stating that these services are needed in this household. Currently be receiving Residential Refuse Service as provided by the City of Waynesboro. If you have questions please call Refuse at 540-942-6764
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