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  1. PublicWorks
  2. Entrance Permit
    City of Public Works / Engineering
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  6. The tenure of a commercial entrance to any highway is conditional. Reconstruction, relocation, commercial entrance consolidation, or upgrading, or a combination of these, may be required at the owner's cost when the City Engineer or their designee determines after review that one of the conditions listed below exists. If the necessary changes are not made, the entrance may be closed at the direction of the City Engineer or their designee. · Safety - When the entrance has been found to be unsafe for public use in its present condition because of physical degradation of the entrance, increase in motor vehicle traffic, or some other safety-related condition. · Use - When traffic in and out of the entrance has changed significantly to require modifications or reconstruction, or both. Such changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in traffic volume or operational characteristics of the traffic. · Maintenance - When the entrance becomes unserviceable due to heavy equipment damage or reclamation by natural causes. · Regulation Changes - When a traffic study has determined conditions are warranted for a change in the entrance of any kind or the present entrance is no longer deemed acceptable due to a change in the City’s Subdivision or Zoning Ordinances. · The property is being considered for rezoning or other local legislative action that involves a change in use of the property. · The property is subject to a site plan or subdivision plat review. · There is a change in commercial use either by the property owner or by a tenant. · Vehicular/pedestrian circulation between adjoining properties becomes available Additionally, all entrances shall be installed to City specifications (R-6, R-7). All entrance forms must be inspected by the Engineering Department at least 24 hours prior to pouring concrete. Should an entrance be installed which does not meet City standards, the City Engineer or their designee may require the entrance be removed and replaced at the owner’s expense.
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    If applicant is not property owner of record, the Power of Attorney Form is required (Form A-2)
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