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New Construction Water, Sewer, and New Exclusion Meter

  1. PublicWorks
  2. New Construction Water and/or Sewer Availability

    &/or New Exclusion Meter Application


    Who should fill out this application? 

    Contractors performing new construction or upgrades who are ready to have the utility services installed by city crews or have installed the services themselves. In both cases the contractor should be ready to have the meter set. Applicant will be billed upon receipt of application, and payment for invoices must be verified prior to tap installation and/or meter setting. Once the meter is set the applicant can expect their first utility bill to begin generating on a bi-monthly cycle. Effective July 1, 2022, Utility bills include charges for actual water usage of $5.36/thousand gallons and sewer usage of $8.96/thousand gallons. Base fees are also charged for water of $29.02 and for sewer of $18.06 per billing cycle.

  3. Once payment is verified taps will be installed in a minimum of 7 (Seven) working days and/or meter will be set in a minimum of 1 (One) working day.

  4. Utilities Needed*

    Please select the utilities needed.

  5. If the site is not in a subdivision please put n/a

  6. House #, Apt/Suite, Street, State, Zip Code
  7. Once Utility Is Set, A Utility Bill Will Be Generated and Sent To The Following Address
  8. House #, Apt/Suite, Street, State, Zip Code
  9. This information is needed to start your Utility Account.
  10. Availability Costs For A 5/8-inch Meter (Larger Services See DOMESTIC METER SIZING FORM to Determine Size and Fees)

    Water Facility Fee: $2,725.00 Sewer Facility Fee: $4,250.00 ,Cost of Meter/Transmitter: Current Market Value, Water Tap Fee: $800.00 (Minimum with Actual Cost Balance Billed Upon Completion) Sewer Tap Fee: $800.00 (Minimum with Actual Cost Balance Billed Upon Completion)

  11. Upload your filled out meter form here (if applicable).
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  13. By Entering First and Last Name, You Agree To Be Invoiced For Tap Installation, Facility Fees, and/or Cost of Meter. (If Applicable)

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