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Waste Water Treatment Plant Training Quiz

  1. Instructions
    Please answer the following questions after you have watched all six (6) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) training videos.
  2. What is another term for the Biosolids generated from sludge? (Select One Choice)*
  3. What type of material is discharged into the river? (Select One Choice)*
  4. Which of the following is not a common biological hazard that can be found in Wastewater? (Select One Choice)*
  5. Which of the following are ways to prevent infections? (Select all that apply)*
  6. The following items are removed from wastewater and disposed of at the Augusta County Landfill. (Select all that apply)*
  7. Some of the treatment processes at the WWTP are: (Select all that apply)*
  8. Daily Operations Checklists should be completed every _____ hours. (Select One Choice)*
  9. True or False - Collecting weather information is one of the responsibilities of a daily operator.*
  10. What is the function of a wastewater pump station? (Select One Choice)*
  11. Operator daily activities at a pump station are:(Select all that apply)*
  12. In the SCADA system if a piece of equipment is green it is? (Select One Choice)*
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